Friday, January 18, 2008

San Francisco residents surveyed about local Govt

and, to be kind, things do seem to be...remaining the same where they are not getting worse.

Link HT: Governing

1- Forty percent of San Franciscans gave favorable ratings (A or B grades) to City government – more than in any other survey year, where favorable ratings have ranged from 32 to 37 percent. Fewer residents gave unfavorable ratings (D or F grades) as well.

2- In 2005, 45 percent of parents with children 0-5 were either very or somewhat likely to leave; in 2007, only 36 percent of these parents are considering leaving. Larger households and families are still more likely to leave than other residents, but not as likely as in 2005.

3- Municipal Railway transit system ratings declined overall for the third time in the last three City surveys. Convenience of routes, fares, and communication to passengers are at their lowest point since each of the categories has been surveyed. Muni ratings on timeliness and reliability are low and falling throughout the City but fell the most in the Western districts. While District 6 remains most satisfied with Muni (36 percent give A or B
grades), it also shows a slight decrease in ratings in 2007.