Saturday, January 19, 2008

Solving the "Homeless" problem is about MONEY

but not money for the homeless, it is about MONEY for the huge array of "agencies" that "serve" the homeless population.

"Fighting homelessness" is big business, employing hundreds of "advocates" in almost every big city. The LAST thing these people want to do is "solve" the homeless problem.

Here is a great article from Dallas:


Here in Dallas more than 45 agencies offer housing, food, medical care and counseling/employment services to the homeless population.


In short, for less than the cost of one year's service expenditures for our current system of managing and serving the homeless population in Dallas, we could develop all of the housing needed to take every chronically homeless person off the streets and provide exactly the supportive services they would need to maintain themselves in the new housing! In addition, we would be able to sustain the plan for 1/10 the cost we are now spending each year. These savings could insure the development of more fit and affordable housing.