Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank You, Metro Cops with common sense

Heard on a Nashville police scanner today: one cop calls another (his sergeant probably) and asked if its legal to sell firewood from a pickup truck on the shoulder across from Target. The sergeant responds that he doesn't know all the vendor rules but doesn't guess there is a problem. The first cop presses a little and sounds like he would like an excuse to run them off. Sergeant says that its cold outside and people need firewood and unless there is a complaint just let them continue selling.

I would guess it is almost a certainty that some well intentioned Metro Council member has proposed and passed an ordinance in the past that would allow the cop to run these guys off or even fine them. Thank goodness for a level headed sergeant.

Every bit of power and authority the police exercise is first granted to them by the citizens to use on behalf of citizens. Its nice to hear a cop who uses that power with a bit of common sense.