Thursday, January 24, 2008

The TN Lottery is a bloody Disaster

Lets review.......most of the people who buy lottery tickets are poor who can least afford this waste of their money. The money spent on the lottery should be spent on children and healthcare etc etc etc. Many of these same people rely on their fellow taxpayers for taxpayer subsidized services for their children and healthcare.

This is clearly very destructive behavior which OUR government is encouraging every day with tens of millions of lottery advertising.

AND...when we look at how the money is spent....the disaster grows. The Higher Education lobby doesn't care that most lottery students are failing, they simply want to keep their cash cow.

The TN Lottery is a Disaster in so many ways, its hard to count them all.


Half the students who earn Tennessee's lottery scholarship lose it after their freshman year, and more than two-thirds lose it by their senior year.

The findings come from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, which will release its annual report on the lottery scholarship today.

Update: Mick Wright has a beautifully written piece in the Main Street Journal on the lottery.