Thursday, January 10, 2008

Toll Roads are Pilot Projects NO MORE

let the tolling begin.

When the Pilot Toll Road Legislation was passed last year my guess is that the overwhelming majority of Tennesseans assumed that:

1- Tolls were NOT a general tax and would only pay for the road they were levied on. This has turned out NOT to be the case. See previously posted video HERE.

2- The toll bill was passed with the understanding that it would involve only two pilot projects. Now, Rep Pinion who is the very powerful Chairman of the House Transportation Committee says he feels like all that talk about toll roads being Pilot projects is too restrictive. Every local official who wants their own toll road darn well ought to have one so he is going to forget the whole "two pilot projects" concept upon which the original legislation was passed (and would not have passed otherwise). See video from Tuesdays Transportation Committee.