Sunday, January 27, 2008

Watch out Karl Dean, you are about to step in it

Michael Cass interviews the Mayor about education and right out of the box, the dreaded C word is spoken. Doesn't Karl Dean know that he is treading on very dangerous ground? Somebody, quick, warn the Mayor before he winds up in the Cumberland River wearing concrete cowboy boots. There is NO WAY the education bureaucracy or the teacher's union or the politically charged school board will allow him to put more power in the hands of parents.

Public School Parents are TOO STUPID and uncaring to make decisions about their little crumb crunchers. Bureaucrats should be in charge of schools. Oh SURE, the Mayor got to make his choice (damn, I said the dreaded C word) about where to send his children to school but EVERYBODY knows that public school parents can't be trusted to make important decisions like that about their own children!!

I checked and the Mayor mentions "choice" or "choices" FOUR times in the interview. Hire this man a bodyguard!!


What do you think needs to be fixed first in Metro schools, and what should be done to improve whatever you see as that most pressing need?

Well, I think the fundamental goal for schools is that we should be in a position where we’re offering choices so that all kids can go to schools where they can succeed. That’s where we start. How we get there, there’s a variety of things going on right now.