Saturday, January 26, 2008

wife beaters, drunks, adulterers, and thieves?

Gail Kerr laments the fact that the TN General Assembly is doing nada but she says there has been humor:


Oh, there have been some amusing moments. This week, after Rep. Rob Briley made a heartfelt apology for his well-publicized drunken behavior, Rep. Gary Moore, the straightforward Joelton firefighter, made the excellent point that everyone battles secret demons. But the way he made it was hilarious:

"Some of us are alcoholics," Moore said. "Some of us are thieves. Some of us are adulterers. Truth of the matter is, we reflect society."

Rep. Charles Curtiss of Sparta said Moore's comments might have been a bit much. But he made it even worse: "I don't think there are any criminals in here. But we're a cross section of society. There are people in there that drink, people in there that beat their wives, people in there unfaithful to their wives. No question in my mind about that."

Sooooooooo. There are no criminals in the state legislature, he asserts, but some of them do beat the tar out of their wives. Domestic violence law was set back three centuries.