Thursday, January 31, 2008

Will Phil Bredesen admit that Pre-K isn't working?

No. He will expect the taxpayers to continue funding a program he very probably would not have chosen for his own child. We have no way of knowing for sure of course but he didn't choose Nashville Public Schools for his own child's K-12 and probably would not have chosen State Pre-K had it been available. A new study shows results to be inconsistent and limited for Pre-K. Phil Bredesen would have wanted better than inconsistent and limited for his own child.

Education funding normally follows the same depressing pattern of most other government programs. They are started because of some mix of good intentions and special interest lobbying but never changed or stopped because of bad results.

By the time they become fully funded there are so many people dependent on their cash flow that they become their own justification and no amount of pressure will slow them down no matter how bad the results, even when they involve our children.

Phil Bredesen seemed very earnest in his interest in Pre-K. Good intentions are not enough.

Phil Bredesen will ask for more funding from the taxpayers for Pre-K. Will our representatives in the General Assembly demand better results or less funding for a failed program? No, sadly they will not.