Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yea, Riiiiiiiiiight!! You just want the best for us

The Tennessee Medical Association says they are concerned about these new cheap, convenient walk-in medical clinics. I'll bet they are. They will no doubt try to use OUR government to restrict the free market in healthcare. And if they pour enough money into lobbying the TN General Assembly then they will probably be able to do just that...sad.


The Tennessee Medical Association had planned this week to propose new rules to the state's Board of Medical Examiners that would have required that a supervising doctor be within 30 miles of a clinic and spend more time there.

Currently, nurse practitioners must be supervised by a physician, but there are no requirements concerning the location of the supervising physician.

The medical association changed its mind about proposing new rules after weighing the potential effects on other types of clinics, especially in rural areas, but it still plans to recommend changes after more talks with other stakeholders.

"We're not trying to keep the MinuteClinics from delivering a good service," said TMA Chairman Dr. Michael Minch, referring to the convenience care concept by a well-known brand.

"We want to make sure they're safe, effective and doing the appropriate services."