Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mayor wants to know how to cut YOUR budget

Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton says there is a "shortfall" in the budget. So, like most politicians, he is unwilling to cut the government budget and he is asking for suggestions from taxpayers about how he should cut the taxpayer's family budget by raising taxes.


But Wharton said he would rather avoid a property tax increase. In an "unprecedented" public plea, the mayor called on county residents and the business community to come up with ideas for new revenues.

"Call me!" Wharton said in a news conference. "It's like going to church, I'll open the doors anytime if they've got suggestions. Call the mayor's office."

Wharton has been pushing alternative revenues since last fall, when he first proposed a privilege tax on workers in Shelby County. He then moved on to a prepared food and beverage tax when the privilege tax was soundly rejected by the business community and County Commission.

Wharton said Friday that the food and beverage tax, which requires legislation in Nashville, also remains unpopular, and he's still shopping for other options.