Saturday, February 09, 2008

NYT: Save a ton on Dental Mexico

All those people who complain about "globalization" would probably jump at the chance to save 10k on dental work. People have been coming to the US for many years for medical care. Why shouldn't we, in the US. have the same freedom of choice?

Link HT: CFG

“We all needed quality dental care, fast,” said Ms. Gates, whose own dental-work estimate was $20,000 and whose immediate family was also uninsured. “So, I started planning.”

Ms. Gates found a reputable dentist through friends of her parents who had traveled to Mexico for care. Six weeks later, Ms. Gates flew to join her parents for a week of massages and tanning in San José del Cabo, Mexico, punctuated, in her case, by daily visits to Dr. Rosa Peña for five procedures including a root canal.