Saturday, February 23, 2008

Obsolete Skills

A lengthy and fun list of Obsolete Skills. Related to phones:

-- Calling collect on a payphone

-- Cranking a telephone

-- Dialing a rotary phone

-- Extending the antenna on a cellphone

-- Knowing what part of town someone lives in by their phone exchange

-- Making an operator assisted phone call

-- Remembering telephone numbers

-- Using a party-line telephone

-- Using a pay telephone

Other favorites:

-- Changing the ribbon on a typewriter

-- Cleaning the balls inside a computer mouse for better traction

-- Counting back change

-- Licking stamps / envelopes

-- Sending a telegram / letter / fax / telex

-- Shorthand

-- Spelling

-- Using a Typewriter

-- Wearing a girdle

-- Getting to know your neighbors

-- Getting up from the couch to change TV channels

-- Handwriting

-- Having your gas pumped for you and your oil checked at a full-service gas station

-- Rolling down the car window