Friday, February 15, 2008

Philly Mayor's Brother says he doesn't have to pay taxes

The Wesley Snipes defense is apparently getting popular. Street also unashamedly says he used political influence to get Govt contracts.


T. Milton Street Sr. took the witness stand in his own defense yesterday, telling a federal jury he paid his taxes until he became convinced the tax code is unconstitutional.

He also unabashedly admitted that he had sought to take advantage of the fact that his brother was mayor to win the consulting contracts that earned him millions.

"I was trying to function within the political environment, which is something that's been done in Philadelphia since the beginning of time," Street testified.

It was vintage Street, honed over 30 years of street theater, a stint in the state legislature, and being a full-time political iconoclast: amiable and aggressive, cheeky and self-deprecating, and, as usual, armed with the unexpected.