Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sen McNally wants a fat tax?

Senator Bo Watson-R wants to lower the tax on some candy so it is taxed like other food. This is not going anywhere. But more importantly, in the article, Sen. McNally says that it is OK to tax unhealthy food.

I have a suggestion, lets have a General Assembly tax and tax members of the General Assembly who suggest raising taxes. In that same bill we could also establish a tax hikers registry so taxpayers could go to a website and search the registry for elected representatives who propose tax hikes.


But Senate Finance Chairman Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, was skeptical about whether the proposed tax reduction for candy should become law — especially in a tight budget year.

"And if you look at it from a health basis, you would probably want to tax it higher," he said.

Watson said the current law is confusing for consumers and retailers because candies made with flour are charged the lower tax rate, while those made without flour are charged the full 7 percent.

"Consumers don't make the distinction between a Twix bar being food and a Snickers bar being candy," Watson said.