Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Taxpayer related Investigations

TBI investigating highway employee for embezzlement

The investigation began when Orange and Budget Director Tara Patterson received a tip that money was being paid to fictitious companies and directed to Forsythe. State auditors and TBI investigators were in county offices last week examining records.

WSMV investigates: Metro judges illegally erasing tickets

But the federal government said it has learned some Metro judges are breaking the law and letting truckers erase their tickets.

In a special meeting on Tuesday, general sessions judges were warned by a state lawyer if they're doing it, they'd better quit.“They're apparently going to be pretty strict on that,” said assistant general counsel Aaron Conklin.

The Federal Department of Transportation wrote a letter to the state on Jan. 23 that said the department had become aware of instances in Davidson County where Metro is not complying with federal law. The DOT is threatening to cut off millions of dollars in funding to the state of Tennessee if judges don't follow the letter of the law.