Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who has raised more money from small donors?

Ron Paul, at 61% has raised the greatest percentage of his money from small donors. Fred Thompson was second at 43% and Rudy was the lowest at 8%.


But the amounts and percentages varied greatly among candidates. Among the candidates who received a significant share of the votes during the first month of primaries: John Edwards raised 36% of his individual contributions in amounts of $200 or less; Barack Obama 32%; Mike Huckabee 35%; and John McCain 25%. Ron Paul raised 61% of his $28 million and Fred Thompson raised 43% of $21 million in amounts of $200 or less. Among the remaining candidates filing year-end reports, Dennis Kucinich, Tom Tancredo and Sam Brownback also raised significant percentages of their funds from small donors.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton raised 14% of her funds in small contributions, Mitt Romney 12% and Rudy Giuliani 8%.