Friday, February 29, 2008

Why pass a law authorizing gifts to poll workers??

There is absolutely no good reason for this bill which allows candidates to give free food to poll workers. What possible motivation could there be?

Are poll workers too poor to pool their money and order a $10 pizza or pick up donuts from Krispy Kream on their way to the polling place? Of course not.

Its so surreal when politicians, who profess good intentions, seem so wounded when someone suggests this might not be a good idea. HELLOOOOOO. How ridiculous on so many levels.


Moore, the House sponsor, was upset by the implication.

“I’m not trying to buy anybody’s vote,” he said. “To think that anybody’s going to buy a vote for a sandwich is ludicrous.”

State Election Coordinator Brook Thompson would not comment on the bill, but said some counties have provisions for feeding poll workers.