Saturday, February 02, 2008

WOW-FBI arrests Hamilton Cnty Sheriff

Link HT: Joe Lance

At the meeting, Sheriff Long "granted permission for Indian stores to operate illegal gambling machines, as long as the machines were kept in back rooms. He also granted permission for the stores to engage in other lucrative money making activity, including selling ingredients used for the manufacture of methamphetamine. Long stressed to the undercover agents that it was important to conceal the illegal activities, and that when possible, Long would attempt to warn the store operators when he became aware that other law enforcement agencies were focusing on these illegal activities. Long further informed the undercover agents that he was aware of many of the businesses operated by Indians in Chattanooga and that he expected to be paid a part of the earnings generated by all of the businesses."

The agents offered to give the sheriff cash, but he said all money should be paid to the CW.

The affidavit says following the meeting Sheriff Long directed the CW (cooperating witness) to tell the Indians "they would have to pay $100,000 per quarter for his protection."