Wednesday, February 20, 2008

YOU can't handle the TRUTH, Clarksville Citizens

The boundless arrogance of our elected officials just keeps getting more boundless. The Clarksville Charter and Code Revision Committee says they better not put their work online so citizens can easily access and learn about their proposals, they might be misunderstood. The Mayor went so far as to say that putting their work on the web would be a "fiasco." The only fiasco here is the arrogance of most of the committee members.


"I'd be hesitant to put changes on the Web site as we're still working toward them," said Co-Interim City Attorney David Silvus. He noted that the committee often makes "suggested revisions to suggested revisions," which could lead to confusion among the public.

The committee is currently fewer than 30 pages into more than 1,000 pages of documents.

The committee makes proposed changes along the way, which will eventually go before the City Council for final approval. No suggestions have yet gone before the council.

Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper also cautioned against posting the suggested revisions online, as the public could take things out of context.

"It's going to be a fiasco," Piper said, noting that the public meeting is open to any who'd like to attend.

"They throw out these grenades out there, these comments that are designed to disrupt," Piper said.

Summers said he'd "rather take the heat and answer a few questions with this being on the Web site."

Redd suggested they could be throwing their own grenade if the public found out they'd voted against airing their progress online.

"I say just let them see it," Redd said