Friday, March 21, 2008

Alert for TN, New Push for State Income Tax in NH

Heads up for Tennessee, this bogus effort for "fair taxation" in New Hampshire is something we have heard many times before. This effort at "fair taxation" will be supported by all the groups that support bigger government. This is about growing government, period.


New Hampshire is a study in tax contrasts — the lack of broad-based income or sales taxes gives it the lowest overall tax burden in the nation, but the property tax burden is the country’s third highest. The only other state without a state income tax or a statewide sales tax is Alaska, said Gerald Prante, a senior economist at the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group.

“New Hampshire is an oddball in the Northeast,” he added. “They’re just a low-tax state in general, and in New England, it’s an anomaly.”

The property tax here is allocated toward local government and schools, as well as a state education fund. The state taxes various things, including meals and rooms, business profits and personal dividends. That revenue goes into the state budget.