Sunday, March 30, 2008

British Government healthcare will issue Vouchers

Well, although the bureaucrats will probably make this a short term experiment since it threatens their power to micro manage the lives of citizens, the British Government health care system, NHS, will begin issuing vouchers so.....drum roll, patients will have more control.

Of course this won't address the REAL problem and that is government healthcare itself...but hey, its a begrudging admission of the obvious. Ironically, one objection is that it will highlight the fact that some patients still have to struggle with "more bureaucracy."

Link HT: Tim Worstall

It will mean patients can shop around for care, arrange visits when they want, swap one type of treatment for another or buy their services from the voluntary and private sectors.

But the proposals, which mirror plans to give the elderly power over funds for services such as home help, caused controversy last night. Some charities welcomed them, but others said they could leave the most sick struggling with more bureaucracy.