Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frank Cagle: Pre-K is another Tenncare


TennCare was like a flesh-eating virus that consumed the state budget, destroyed the Sundquist administration, and, in seeking an income tax to pay for it, left Sundquist a failure, his reputation in tatters.

Gov. Phil Bredesen used draconian cuts to get the TennCare budget under control, and he has had a booming economy to generate revenue for his projects and to increase spending for such big-ticket items as education. But Bredesen has his own hobby horse, his own TennCare. He plans on leaving it to the next governor, gift-wrapped with a bow.


Bredesen has suggested, in his typical dismissive way, the Republicans are just trying to find something to oppose and he wishes it weren’t his wonderful pre-K program. He seems disinclined to study data from other states or notice the faint praise for the program in his own study.

I honestly don’t understand people who think putting four-year-olds in school is a good idea. But if you insist on doing it, pay for it yourself.