Friday, March 14, 2008

Govt Agency that can't spend money fast enough?

The Memphis Area Career Center can't spend all the taxpayer money they have been allocated because people keep finding jobs on their own. Damn these self reliant people!!


Last year, the center had to return $437,987.39 because it failed for two years to spend it. The return of the money was a first in Tennessee. The money -- federal dollars funneled through state government -- was earmarked for training people who had been laid off or were going to be.

Center executive director Isaac Garrett said his staff tried its best to alert organizations and individuals that help was available, but some workers just didn't want to take advantage of the training.

"The challenge we have is when someone is laid off, either they try to find a job right away or they have severance pay and try to live off their severance," he said. "At the point they lose their severance pay, instead of going to training, they need money and they go to work.