Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Zealand bans some forms of political satire

Holy mackeral...this REALLY is scary. This is he stuff that political revolts are made of....politicians don't like to be satirized?? Choose another profession but don't rob citizens of their freedoms.

Link HT: Copious Dissent

Apparently, Kiwi politicians were upset at the media for broadcasting images of government ministers appearing to sleep at their desks or making rude gestures. But it wasn't just members of the governing party who were saying "no humor allowed" -- only six members of the 121-seat parliament voted against the measure.

This seems like one of those things that politicians do because they can but often come to regret mightily later.

Not only is the move unpopular with the people of New Zealand (in a recent poll, 71 percent said they opposed the ban), but it probably won't help the country's image in the larger world. I can just imagine what the Australians (who make fun of Kiwis endlessly anyway) will do with it -- or someone like Jon Stewart or those great British comedy shows.