Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sumner County Residents Fight Annexation

Quote of the week highlighted below.


"It's not right for you to walk over us because the law gives you the right to. I ask that you not turn us into collateral damage."

Chuck Gross of St. Blaise Trail suggested homeowners in the subdivision could take the estimated $17,380 the city would collect in property taxes each year to use to fight the annexation in court.

Gross, like many of his neighbors, said he's already paying for services the city wants to provide in exchange for his taxes. St. Blaise Estates wanted the city to wait three years before bringing the subdivision into Gallatin.

"In three years, that's $57,000 we can spend without losing any money on our part," Gross said.

"If we go to court, we both lose. I just want you as city council members to consider such a challenge to the city of Gallatin."