Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is a NEWS article...thats refreshing

"New Jersey has built one of the most complex, voracious and extensive tax machines in the nation to support its spending."
Thats the truth and its a valid news story but hardly ever reported. As a government grows bigger and bigger the vested interests that benefit from the growth install statutory poison pills that make reducing spending almost impossible.

These same vested interests and their legislative allies are also masters of spending PR where they portray any spending cuts as affecting the most vulnerable populations and most popular programs.

The only practical way for citizens to escape the resulting over-spending is, unfortunately, to move.

It is instructive that the liberal, big government think tank, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, says that yes, New Jersey has plenty of room to raise problem.

This is like a leech encouraging a blood transfusion for its victim.

HERE is the article.