Friday, March 28, 2008

TN Higher Ed will RIP YOU OFF but be happy...

they are doing you a BIG favor because it could be much worse. so stop your whining...they could be ripping you off even worse than they are.

These folks are a bunch of educated highway robbers. As noted earlier, tuition has increased much faster than gasoline!!


NASHVILLE — A spokeswoman for the Tennessee Board of Regents says higher education officials are committed to keeping tuition hikes below 10 percent this fall.

The heads of Tennessee’s public colleges and universities told lawmakers earlier this month that they’re trying to keep the hikes in the single digits.

Board of Regents spokeswoman Mary Morgan reiterated that proposal today following a quarterly board meeting in Chattanooga. She says the tuition hike will be under 10 percent, “but where under 10 I don’t know.”