Monday, March 31, 2008

TN Toll Road Videos-Blast from the Recent Past

The Senate Transportation Committee has a very important Toll Road Vote on Wednesday. Its VERY instructive to look at these videos again about the promises vs the reality of Toll Roads in Tennessee.

1- Will the Tolls ever be removed? Even after the bonds for a particular project are paid off? the answer: NO, the tolls will never be removed, they will simply become another tax. In fact, Ed Cole from TDOT says they will identify very popular projects to toll so they can pay for less popular projects. (toward the end of the video.)

2- Will we try a few toll road projects and see how those work? NO, that was discussed when the bill was passed but now, according to Rep. Pinion, the very powerful Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, any local official who wants a toll road "bad enough" can have one.