Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Expect New wave of violence at TN Convenience Mkts

The first 40-45 year old ladies who are NOT asked for ID will start a new wave of violence that will make the OK Corral look like child's play.

A bill making mandatory carding to buy beer permanent law is headed to Gov. Phil Bredesen today after the Senate approved the measure.

The bill does have one major change, however, that could be a delight for older Tennesseans.

The legislation would not punish beer sellers who sell suds to those customers who “reasonably appears to be over the age of 50″ and don’t present identification.

In 2007, Tennessee became the first state to card everyone purchasing beer regardless of age. That law was set to expire July 1 of this year, but the bill headed to the governor would permanently remove the sunset provision.