Friday, April 25, 2008

First Tax Rebate checks will show up on Monday

Your Uncle Sam and his cousins in Congress want to stimulate you to vote for them so they are returning some money to you which they took away from you several months ago.


NEW YORK ( -- The federal government, eager to boost the flagging economy, will start distributing special tax rebates on Monday - five days earlier than expected, the Treasury Department said Thursday.

The department had said last month that it would begin giving rebates on May 2.

Instead, 800,000 tax filers daily will get rebates on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. No rebates will be distributed on Thursday, and 5 million payments will be made on Friday.

The payments will go out ahead of schedule because of a new computer program that updates records daily - faster than an older program that updates weekly, according to Andrew DeSouza, a Treasury spokesman.