Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TN Govt to citizens: we want more info on YOU!!

The deliberations over the Tennessee open records improvement bill just get weirder and weirder....now, two Senators want more information on groups that are pushing for improvements in open records law. WHAT??? This is beyond bizarre. These are gestapo tactics.

OK, OK....so you don't want citizens to easily accessing public records. Fine, but lets drop the childish bullying. This reminds me of the threat, made several years ago by a legislator, to do away with the Registry of Election Finance because too many people were requesting his campaign finance records.


Democratic Sens. Douglas Henry, of Nashville, and Jim Kyle, of Memphis, argued that groups like the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government and Common Cause of Tennessee should be required to give more comprehensive information about their memberships if they are to be added to an advisory panel on open government.

Frank Gibson, who heads the coalition, says he’s willing to give more details about his group’s members. The Associated Press is a member.

The Senate Finance Committee decided to put off a vote on the measure sponsored by Sen. Randy McNally, an Oak Ridge Republican, until Wednesday.