Friday, April 11, 2008

Lamar Alexander's "Irrational Arrogance"

Investors sometimes have "irrational exuberance." Politicians almost always have "irrational arrogance"

Congress has shown time and again that they have a much greater capacity to screw up our lives than they do to "help." And yet they continue to display unbounded arrogance about their ability to make better decisions about our welfare than we can make.

To Lamar and others like him who would like to "help": The LAST thing we need is your "help."

Your "help" will NOT help. Congress has bankrupted Social Security and Medicare. Congress has screwed up our "energy policy" beyond repair. Congress has made scores of lobbyists (many of whom were former members) and special interests rich while taking more and more of our GDP for government. etc etc etc. PLEASE!! NO MORE "HELP."


Lamar Alexander's statement

“This housing bill is yet another example of what the Senate can accomplish when we work together. It’s a good first step toward helping the 82,700 Tennesseans who had delinquent mortgages as of late last year and will assist struggling businesses across our state.

This housing bill will help jump-start our economy, protect homeowners, and provide incentives for new home buyers. I am pleased that a version of the Isakson-Alexander tax credit proposal was included in the final bill. This provision will help families looking to purchase a home while preserving property values for families who already own one.”