Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Nashville Taxpayer money for Rich guys

Link HT: S-Town Mike
But as our own Bruce Barry ably pointed out last fall, city leaders lose all perspective when it comes to professional sports. (We should add that Bruce Barry's far better half, at-large Metro Council member Megan Barry voted “no” and was one of the deal's most eloquent critics.) If any other business had the Predator's financials, no one would care if they took a trip up 65. Somehow, though, even a second-tier professional sports team like the Predators has no problem convincing a city to write an annual check. And when time comes for the team's owners to sell to the next gaggle of vanity buyers, they'll make a tidy profit. Remember we helped Craig Leipold reap a $68 million capital gain from his sale of the team, and now we're doing the same for David Freeman and his buddies.