Friday, May 23, 2008

50% of union members would Stop paying dues

if only they could says a union boss who is fighting passage of a Right-to-Work law in Colorado. Right from the horses mouth, this union boss says that unions must collude with government to force workers to stay in the union...otherwise, given their natural right to freedom of choice, they would leave.

Big Labor uses government just as big business uses fact those are the two largest sources of money and influence.


What's so great about being in the union?

Half of Colorado's United Food and Commercial Workers would stop paying union dues if they could, according to the group's local president.

In a May 1 letter to members, Ernest Duran warns that the right-to-work initiative headed for Colorado's November ballot would decimate his ranks of dues-paying members.

"If this amendment passes, we will enter all future negotiations divided," Duran wrote. "In my opinion, we will enter with less than 50 percent of the workers as union members."

If Amendment 47 passes, no one could be forced to pay union dues. Under current state law, those working at union-organized companies may have to pay union dues whether they like it or not.