Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Govt wants to discourage teen drinking...ok, so they

hike the tax on so-called "alcopop" drinks (forgot to mention, this is in Australia) which are fruity, low alcohol content drinks aimed at teens.

So what happens, the teens simply buy more hard liquor and mix their own.


PS-The comments are very funny. The first comment:
Hey !! It is not supposed to work that way. All the people drinking alcopop are supposed to stop it !! Why do you think they put the excise tax up on the stuff - c'mon, play fair you ex-alcopop drinkers. A five-year old could have worked out that a 750ml bottle of vodka and a bottle of fanta is cheaper than 6 cans of alcopop. Next the Government will tax people for going to school because they are becoming smarter !!