Thursday, May 29, 2008

Morristown Tax Hike pushers strategy change

Linda Noe continues her stellar job of documenting the tactics used to push a sales tax hike in Morristown. Voters defeated a sales tax hike a short four months ago after city fathers tried the hammer and nail approach. Now, those same folks are trying a quieter, gentler approach and the local newspaper is apparently going along.

There actually IS a citywide special election on a sales tax referendum, and early voting ends today. Election Day is June 3.

There was a countywide sales tax referendum four months ago (February 5) that failed by a narrow margin.

It is amusing to observe and speculate about the dramatic difference in local newspaper coverage (Citizen Tribune) of the February 5 countywide sales tax increase referendum (THEN) and the current June 3 citywide sales tax increase referendum (NOW).