Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Reason Taxes Go UP: Political Power

When TaxPAYERS have political power, taxes stay level or go down and Governments are held accountable for how they use the power and money granted to them by the citizens.

When TaxTAKERS have political power, taxes go UP and UP and UP. California and Michigan are prime examples. Although Arnold has been timidly pledging to oppose new taxes, he will have no choice because TaxTAKERS have too much political power in California.


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's inability to stop the growth of the state's payroll despite his pledges to reform government spending shows that he is hampered by a problem that has cursed many of California' governors before him, political observers said Tuesday.

In his first State of the State speech in 2004, Schwarzenegger said that "if we continue spending and don't make cuts, California will be bankrupt." But the fact that the state's payroll has mushroomed on his watch - as its budget deficit has grown to $17.2 billion - shows that promise was hard to keep, experts say.