Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spending LESS on BAD things? What a concept!!

Hey, politicians may not be fast learners but lets give them their due when they get it right. Shelby County Commissioners want to get out of the Golf business...of course they shouldn't have gotten into the golf business in the first place but its nice to know that they can recognize a mistake...eventually.


As budget hearings continued Tuesday, some commissioners questioned the county's spending priorities, saying they want to get out of the parks and golf course business and direct resources toward social services and pretrial programs to hasten inmates through the jail.

"Which services help us avoid a higher cost?" asked commission chairman David Lillard. "We have to look at what services are essential and we have to prioritize based on that. There are some things that are real easy and one of them is, are you going to run a golf course or are you going to fund these other essential services?"