Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Can Memphis Schools be fixed?"

The Commercial Appeal asks, in their front page article today: Can Memphis Schools be fixed? The answer of course is YES.

You can fix them by offering different solutions than have been offered in the past.....that much is clear. The solutions tried in the past have resulted in schools that fail most students. So lets review: what has already been tried and has resulted in the current failure?

1- A new superintendent? - CHECK, already tried that

2- Spend lots more money? - CHECK, already tried that

3- New, revolutionary teaching methods? - CHECK, already tried that

4- More computers in the classroom? - CHECK, already tried that

5- Metal Detectors at every entrance? - CHECK, already tried that

What hasn't been tried?

Put the power of CHOICE into the hands of the people most likely to love and care about the future of the students, i.e., the parents. Or, the corollary, take power away from the people who failed the students in the past: the school bureaucrats, the unions that represent school employees, and the local government.

Ok, lets review, the fix is easy: take power away from those who have failed students so completely and give power to the parents.