Sunday, June 15, 2008

Exploring Public Sector Blogging-The Municipalist Blog

My point here is to document that potential, making use of my journalism background to reach out directly to bloggers who serve their communities, states, or nations in elected or appointed positions, and ask them what has worked for them and what they have learned. Federal agencies are getting into blogging too, and I want to write about that as well. And I will ruminate about blogging in general and how it can impact government institutions and organizations. The intended audience here is definitely not new media analysts or "futurists" or any other self-appointed expert. I am aiming at those who are learning about Web 2.0, and/or those who may be public officials themselves, and are curious about new ways to build community around ideas or goals. Municipalist is a non-partisan blog. We have no interest in rooting for any particular political party.