Tuesday, June 03, 2008

TN County using tax dollars to promote a Tax Hike

This is now officially a VERY worrisome and troubling and expensive trend. Another Tennessee local government apparently using TAXPAYER DOLLARS to promote a tax hike. In fact, it is quite similar to Morristown where a recently defeated tax hike is being placed on the ballot once again and being promoted with taxpayer dollars. I will, try to confirm if they have actually set up a committee with the local election commission like Morristown.


The resolution will be on the Aug. 7 county general and state primary ballot. Voters defeated the same measure in the Feb. 5 presidential primary by 91 votes out of 5,335 cast.

Mr. Graham said Monday the committee decided to advertise on posters, yard signs and fliers. Committee members also will give prepared fliers to civic clubs, he said.

“We’ve got an entire menu of things we’re going to hand out in stages,” Mr. Graham said.

He said it could be hard to change public opinion.

“I think it will be a harder sell now than if we attacked it more aggressively last time and the reason is because gas was a dollar cheaper,” he said.

Commissioner Bill Hollin, chairman of the county’s Education Committee, said on Monday the tax increase also could be a tough sell because there are no contested county races and voter turnout is expected to be low. He said people likely won’t come out just to vote on the tax issue.

“I think it will be bad for us,” he said. “The more voters we get, the more chances we’ve got.”

He said right now the sales tax could be the “only option.”