Thursday, June 26, 2008

Translation for "dedicated, reliable funding source."

The Director of the Music City Star commuter railroad is looking for a "dedicated, reliable funding source."

For those of you who don't speak government let me clarify...take out your wallet and open up the compartment that holds your cash. You are now looking at a "dedicated, reliable funding source."

The director doesn't care what YOU want to do with your cash. She is a zealot for "mass transit" and she wants YOUR government to extract the money from YOU so she can see her dream fulfilled in spite of overwhelming evidence that YOU don't want to ride her train. She can't get you to buy tickets so she has to get YOUR cash some other way. You have to give her points for persistence and creative PR.

The Music City Star's money problems can be traced to its first year of operation, when passenger ticket sales came in $800,000 below projections and unanticipated costs, including high insurance premiums, drained its budget.

Now, as its parent agency scrambles to fill a $1.7 million hole in next year's budget, the U.S. government is watching intently.


"The common thread is that everyone is vested in making this work," said Diane Thorne, who has been executive director of the Regional Transportation Authority since August. "We need to realize that unless everyone wants to continue to scramble every year, we need a dedicated, reliable funding source."