Monday, June 30, 2008

UK Commuters get less space than farm animals

The future of mass transit: a vision only Peta could love.

According to the Government's rail White Paper, published in July, commuters should be allocated 0.45 square metres of space – whether they are seated or standing.

With the average human being weighing 73.5 kg this is equivalent to allocating 0.0062 square metres per kg.

This is less than half the space allocated under European Union regulations for transporting farm animals to a chicken weighing up to 1.6 kg, who the EU guarantee 0.02 square metres per kg.

Goats, Brussels insists, should get at least 0.0086 square metres and calves 0.008. The Tories seized on the figures.

"It is appalling that the Government's own guidance forces commuters into levels of overcrowding which would be illegal for chickens, goats and cattle under EU law," said Theresa Villiers, the party's transport spokesman.