Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AFL-CIO starts Barack Obama mailings


The AFL-CIO begins a ramped-up campaign to define Sen. Barack Obama with union members and their families in battleground states, focusing heavily on working-class, swing union voters in OH, MI, PA and WI. The goal, per union officials, is to dispel the many rumors circulating about Obama via two new mailers, dropped today, that ask and answer still-looming questions about the candidate. The union will send the pieces to 600K swing voters living in the four critical battleground states.

"Sen. Obama has proven time and again that he's a champion for working families who will deliver the economic change we so desperately need," said AFL-CIO Political Director Karen Ackerman. "Working people are focused on issues that matter like good jobs, fair trade, health care reform and retirement security. They aren't about to let the right-wing attack machine distort Sen. Obama's record or defame his reputation in a desperate attempt to maintain the disastrous economic status quo."

One of the mailers aims directly to dispel myths and rumors about the IL senator. The other features worker testimonials on Obama's record on jobs, health care reform and workers' rights.