Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthed and raised by the TN Dept of Revenue,

SSTA is a monster that will turn on us all eventually.

Virtually no one in Tennessee understands what the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement is or why it was created...that's because no rational taxpaying citizen would EVER think of creating the SSTA.

It is purely a creation of the tax collecting bureaucrats in Tennessee and other States and they continue to use taxpayer dollars to feed and nourish this tax Frankenstein.


Several changes to the state’s sales tax law went into effect this year, and more are scheduled for next year, in an effort to recast Tennessee’s law so it is similar to those in other states. The more alike the laws are, the easier it is for multistate retailers to collect taxes, said Scott Peterson, executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board Inc., based in Nashville.

“The sales tax system we have in the country is becoming unnecessarily difficult to administer,” he said.

Under the law changes, the average Tennessee consumer probably won’t see a huge difference in how much tax he or she pays, he said. But the changes in the law are a first step toward encouraging Congress to pass a law requiring all multistate retailers — whether they’re online, catalog or telephone — to collect sales taxes, he said. If all or most states have the same tax-collection setup, Congress may be more amenable to passing such a law, he said.