Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bredesen: “Get Your Damn Hands Off My Team.’’

Phil Bredesen, during a rally to help the Nashville Predators Hockey Team rally support and sell tickets, held up a sign saying “Get Your Damn Hands Off My Team.’’

Here is my sign, "Hey Phil, keep your damn hands off my tax money." If Phil Bredesen and others want to attend a hocky game then they should be willing to buy tickets which reflect the full price of providing that entertainment...ESPECIALLY when you consider that most of the tickets are sold to people who DO NOT live in Davidson County.

Balsillie was considered a threat to buy the Predators from Craig Leipold and eventually move them to Canada. Del Biaggio was also interested, with the likelihood that he would eventually move the team to Kansas City.

Governor Phil Bredesen energized the crowd by holding up a sign that read, “Get Your Damn Hands Off My Team.’’