Sunday, September 21, 2008

FBI, Memphis Mayor, Convention Center, etc etc

Commercial Appeal Reporter Marc Perrusquia is an extraordinarily valuable asset for Memphis citizens. He continues his tradition of investigative reports today in the CA. This report concerns the FBI's continuing investigation of Memphis Mayor Herenton and his ties to contractors.


An FBI probe of Mayor Willie Herenton's ties to city contractors has turned its attention to the Greyhound bus station in Downtown Memphis where the city has major redevelopment plans.

Federal agents are examining Herenton's little-known plan to relocate Greyhound to the Memphis International Airport area, a move that has already cost $3 million and could eventually put much larger sums at stake.

A committee appointed by Herenton is considering land next to the bus station as a prime site for a new convention center, a project expected to enrich the city's civic life as well as its economy.

Yet a secret side deal could make redevelopment of the Greyhound site profitable for someone else, too -- the mayor's friend, city contractor Elvin W. Moon.