Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Govt is the Bull in the china shop of our Freedoms

From the War on Photography Blog:

“(Photography) is not against the law or the rules, but we are sensitive to certain types of photos being taken,” she said, “but we can’t say because of homeland security issues exactly what they are.”

So you refuse to tell us what the rules are but expect us to obey the rules that you refuse to publish. This is so unbelievable and incredible that it would be downright laughable if it were a joke. Unfortunately the PATHETIC IDIOTS in government are serious!!!

U.S. Transportation Security Administration spokesman Dwayne Baird said it should be “common sense” that taking photographs of “anything that would be of a sensitive nature” would be off limits.

Common sense?? That is the most outrageous statement that I have ever heard spewing forth from the pathetic mouth of a petty power crazed bureucrat. HOW DARE YOU ask us to obey unwritten laws and threaten us if we don’t know what they are? This is not a police state or a dictatorship - it is a country of laws and only the legislature can pass laws.