Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Investment bankers bearing gifts in Bham

A Republican Jefferson County Commissioner is the first to cop a plea in the sewer financing mess in Bham. She accepted gifts and then lied about it to the grand jury. Many more convictions/admissions to follow...

Link HT: Mr Turnbow
The investment banker firm received millions of dollars in fees from bond and swap transactions involving Jefferson County. On Dec. 11, 2003, Buckelew admired shoes and a purse at an upscale boutique in New York, prosecutors said, and the investment banker bought the items -- valued at about $1,500 -- and mailed them to Buckelew's office at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

On another bond-related trip to New York on Nov. 7, 2004, the investment banker bought about $1,119 worth of items for Buckelew from the same store and mailed them to her office, prosecutors said. Also during that trip, the investment banker paid $1,400 for spa appointment for Buckelew, according to information filed by prosecutors. Buckelew has admitted that she understood the investment banker was attempting to influence her actions as a county commissioner, prosecutors allege.

Prosecutors said Buckelew appeared before a grand jury last month in Birmingham and gave false statements about receiving the gifts.