Saturday, September 13, 2008

Memphis firing non-resident part time employees

but many high ranking non-resident officials are not being touched.


Residency requirements have been causing turmoil at City Hall for months.

Because of the wording and legal interpretations of a 2004 referendum intended to make new employees live in the city, many high-ranking city officials who were required to live in Memphis under a former residency rule now can live anywhere.

The council also has been debating for months whether to relax residency rules for police in an attempt to put more officers on the street.

There are even questions about city Human Resources Director Lorene Essex's residency.

Essex, who is responsible for overseeing the residency requirement, said she lives in an apartment on Mud Island while her husband, Dr. Nathan Essex, head of Southwest Tennessee Community College, lives in a roughly $400,000 house in Collierville. A gardener at the Collierville house told WREG Channel 3 that Essex returns to the Collierville home almost every night.